Williamstown Animal Hospital Veterinary Services

Wellness Services For Your Pets

The scope of animal care services offered at our hospital makes us a one stop shop for all of your pet’s veterinary needs. Our routine veterinary services include:

  • Routine Wellness Care (we recommend yearly check ups)
  • Senior Pet Care
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Prescription Diets
  • Parasite Control
  • Chronic Pain Management - including osteoarthritis
  • Vaccines
  • Health Certificates for Travel
Wellness Services For Your Pets
Surgical Procedures and Services

In the event that your pet requires surgical procedures or more extensive care, you can rest easier knowing that our veterinary clinic has the tools, resources, and expertise in-house to provide prompt, skilled care.

  • Spay and Neuter
  • Microchip Implants and Services
  • Dental Cleaning and Extractions
  • Tumor Removal
  • Laceration Repair
  • General Surgery
  • Isolation Ward
  • Intensive Care
Other Services

The quicker we are able to diagnose a health problem, the faster we can provide the proper care. Williamstown Animal Hospital has sophisticated in-house diagnostic equipment in our lab to allow us to pin point problems as quickly as possible. We also have an in-house pharmacy and provide boarding services for our patients.

  • In-house Pharmacy Services
  • In-house Laboratory Services including digital X-ray and same day radiology report, bloodwork, and urinalysis
  • K-Laser (therapy laser for arthritis, incisions, wound healing)
  • Phovia: Photobiomodulation Therapy (wound healing, dermatological inflammation)
  • Boarding (patients only)
Lab Services